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Covers for the issues...

Issue 1 a Issue 1 a

Interior Pages
Interior art!! Some are just pencils, some coloured...

Page 13-14 Page 16 Page 17 Page 17 Page 23

Character Designs
These are just sketches, my thought process when deciding what the characters look like, so most of them are fairly rough, but you should get an idea. :)

Loki Anubis Osiris Ki-Rin Jesus Bast Bast Uzume Hanuman Sedna Poseidon Hermes Rándgrídr

Heathen Cent Coins
The coins we use in our logo, each one is going to represent an issue number (if we ever get past issue 1 :-P)

Loki Anubis Osiris Thoth Hanuman Horus Bast

Fan Art
Artwork from fans and commissioned work from professionals. Basically all our non-Jill art. ;)
If you would like to submit your artwork, e-mail us.

Loki RockSprite Anubis RockSprite LokiSprite AnubisSprite JesusSprite UzumeSprite C's Loki Elizabeth's Anubis

Desktop Wallpaper
select the appropriate size and use these images as your desktop wallpaper!!

1024x768 - 800x600

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