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Name: Loki

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Germany

Race: Giant

Group Affiliation: Aesir

Occupation: God of fire and general mischief maker

Parents: Farbauti and Laufey

Major Partners: Glut, Angrboda, Sigyn

Major Offspring: Esia, Einmyria, Fenrir, Hel, Jormungand, Narvi, Sleipnir, Vali

Appearance: An uncommonly handsome man with dark, shifty eyes

Aliases: Lopt

Loki was born when his father, the giant Farbauti struck his mother, Laufrey, with ball-lightening. Though Laufrey was most likely burned to a cinder, Loki rose from his mother's charred remains. He was in many ways like the fire from which he was born, beautiful but dangerous.

When he arrived at Asgard the gods were taken in by his charming good looks and welcomed him into their fold. He became the blood brother of Odin, and often-time companion of both Odin and Thor. Odin was aware of the darker side of his nature, Loki was, after all, the child of giants, the mortal enemies of the gods. But Odin was excited at the prospect of playing with this particular fire.

A trickster and shape-changer, Loki was quick-witted and extremely clever but easily bored and so would frequently pull pranks on his fellow gods to amuse himself. He would often lead the Aesir into great trouble, but his cunningness would also lead them out again. At first a harmless, if annoying, prankster, Loki grew more and more wicked, until the gods eventually tired of his antics when he orchestrated the death of Balder. They captured him and bound him with the intestines of his slain son, Narvi to a rock in a dark cave. A poisonous snake hung above his head dripping its venom on his face causing him so much pain his throes would shake the world. His wife, Sigyn, remained faithful to him and would capture the venom in a bowl, leaving his side only to empty its contents.

And so he remains until the coming of Ragnarok when he is destined to lead an army of great evil. His final battle will be against Heimdall, and the two lights of Asgard will burn each other out.

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