Heathen SentHeathen Sent

What is this all about?
Heathen Sent is a self-published novel by Christopher Stuck. It will be printed around January 2009. It will have a supplementary web comic here at heathensent.com illustrated by Jill Johansen, which will tell stories that don't quite fit in the novels, updated bi-monthly

What is the comic about?
Heathen Sent follows Loki, the Norse god of fire, as he sets out to prevent a successful end of the world. Other gods from other mythologies, from Greek to Christian, make up the supporting cast.

Where did the idea come from?
Heathen Sent was originally conceived with a single notion - What if the world ended, but nobody noticed? Telling a story laying out the consequences of an ineffective Armageddon caught the mind of writer Christopher Stuck and the tale began to take shape.

Why "Heathen Sent"?
We settled on the title Heathen Sent because we wanted something catchy, memorable, kind of clever, and, perhaps most importantly, unique. "Heathen Sent" is a nice visual play on words (Heaven Sent) and was better than our other choices that had not already been taken. When we happened upon the Heathen Cent pun, we knew we had a winner.

How do you get your ideas?
Buffalo wings and caffeine.

Are you really making Jesus a bad guy?
Yes, we are. Jesus will be an antagonist in Heathen Sent. But though he will be a "bad guy," he will not be portrayed as evil. It is important to draw a distinction.

Aren't you afraid of offending good, Christian people?
Afraid? No. Concerned? Yes, but no more than we're concerned about offending good, Pagan people. As outlined in our disclaimer, we are trying to respect all religions involved in our story.

What should I do to make my own comic?
This is why we have the blog on the main page. We're recording almost everything we do on the way to creating this book so that others can learn from both our good choices and our mistakes.

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